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2020 Festival Donors

Executive Producer



Assistant Director

Lead Actor

Supporting Actor


Many thanks also to:

2019 Festival Donors

Executive Producer
Howard Upchurch and John Hoemann

Adrienne Amos Livengood

Lee and Susan Beall
Marcus Simpson

Assistant Director
Bryan Brunette and Russell Roland
M. Campbell Cawood
Brent Clevenger
Frank and Gary
Dewitt and Geoff Kierstead
Jeff Lindsay and Terry Robertson
Steve and Frances Porter
David Shannon

Lead Actor
Christine Amen
J. Kevin Benson and Steve C. Eaton
Karen and Matt Coleman
Bob Conn
Alan Fordham and Jeffrey Hurley
Jane and Tom McKim
David Miner
Brad Moss and Rex Welton
Scott Rhodes and Glen Troiano
Dave Shaffer and Paul Sheldon
Rick Wicker and Jim Knight
Janie and J. D. Wilson
Ralph Womble and Ashley Edwards

Supporting Actor
Jim Byers and John Lee
Bruce Cusson and Tony Steele
Doug Chapman
Becky Currin and Lee Ann Manning
Rob Davis
Kriss Dinkins and Stephan Dragisic
Robin and Tom Dyer
Janet Erwin
Bill Hough and Michael Frazier
David and Catherine Harris
Julie Hutton
Diane Lackey
Derek Ledbetter
Stan and Mary Margaret Link
Louise Pollard
Dirk Robertson and James Sands
Richard D. Smith
Aimee Wilkin



Robert Beseda
Mark Biggam
Allen Broach and Robert Weston
Teresa Carter
Barry Collum
Tom and Jocelyn Connors
Rob Cotter and Grant Hartley
Patti Cumming
Rodney Davis
Mary Dossinger
Harold Fite
Murray and Joan Greason
Pamela and Ken Haisty
JD Hamilton
Chad Harris
Don Johnson and Don Wolford
Samuel Johnson and Tom Krissak
Anne Jones
Thomas Kenan, III
Robert Leath
Ernest and Martha Logemann
Jane Olmsted
Betty and Bill Simpson
Kurt Spitz
Angela Stewart
Nancy Young

Many thanks also to:
Derek Bomberger
Meg Daniels
Ragan and Dara Folan
Keith and Marge Murphy
Jonathan Howle and Martin Pena
Darla and Eric Kirkeeng
Phillip Moulton
Wendy Rash
Francie Thompson

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