1:00 PM Saturday, October 7th: Dickinson Avenue: The (Mostly) True Story of the Paddock Club


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Michael Bojtos; 2017; USA; 90 min

The Paddock Club was the first place in eastern NC where LGBT people could be themselves. Opened in 1973, it survived the brutal homophobia of the south, the AIDS crisis, and the gay-coming-of-age that was the 90s. Whether it was hosting a small gathering of friends, or a Broadway-sized drag pageant, for 30 years it was home to a lot of people. They always thought it would be there. When it closed in December 2003, it was one of the longest-running, continually-operating LGBT businesses in America. The patrons and staff of the Paddock wove the tapestry that made up the story of the Paddock. This is their story. The Paddock wasn’t just a bar, it was home. It was family.

Q & A with Michael Bojtos (director/producer)

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