Sunday, October 6, 3:00pm; UNCSA’s ACE Theatre Complex

Director:  Michael Barnett | USA | 2019 | 88 minutes | English

This documentary takes us into the lives of three high school athletes—all at different stages of their athletic programs, personal lives and unique paths as transgender teens:  Sarah, a skier and teen policymaker in New Hampshire;  Andraya, a track star in Connecticut openly transitioning into her authentic self;  and Mack Beggs, last year’s Texas State wrestling champion. Transgender athletes have to work harder than their cisgender peers in order to thrive in their field while also having the courage and resilience to face daily harassment and discrimination. These young athletes channel the negativity around them into a positive, to gain a sense of self-worth and validation. This film is their urgent, articulate plea for acceptance.


Tickets are no longer available.

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